Dog at the End of the World






There’s a dog at the end of the world

with a sad smile and a bow tie

 and a mile high wagging tail

 waving a flag

What happens if you grow a house on your head?

Or if shoes plant themselves in the ground and sprout fruit?

How should you react when a manikin turns up at dinner and steals the sausages?

Or when you receive the gift of a turnip flavoured cake?

Which is more real, sunshine or maths?

If a giant tells you to go into the forest, will you go?

In a collection meandering from mermaids to garden sheds, from ghosts to PE teachers you’ll find a to-do list by God, a public health warning for books, and (possibly) the longest excuse for not replying to an email you’ll ever read. Helen Harvey’s first poetry collection for teens blurs the everyday with the absurd, speaks in voices from every corner of space, time, fantasy and reality, and riddles you riddles you never will guess.

(WARNING: Dog at the End of the World may cause side effects including: disorientation, delusion, illusion, disillusion, education and fun.)

In the UK you can order a copy of Dog at the End of the World direct from the publisher for a total of 12.79 (£9.99 plus £2.80 UK post & packing). Payment via PayPal using the button below.



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