Stone Keeper

Stone Keeper by Beth Webb Book Four of the Star Dancer Quartet

Stone Keeper by Beth Webb
Volume 4 of The Star Dancer Quartet

The Star Dancer Quartet 

The Star Dancer Books are a magical historical fantasy series, set in late Iron Age Britain – just as the Romans are invading.

Originally written for teenagers, the series quickly became equally appreciated by adults.

The richness of this unusual and meticulously-researched series has captivated readers around the world and has earned stunning reviews.


Book 4: Stone Keeper

It is AD 61.

The Roman domination of Britain is almost complete, but the druids believe that one of their number is the ‘Star Dancer,’ the one will turn aside the evil that threatens the land.

Suetonius Paulinus, the Roman governor of Britain, has slaughtered nearly all the druids on Mona (Anglesey).

Amongst the few who escaped are seventeen year old Tegen, with Tonn, her husband.

Tonn was ritually sacrificed to persuade the gods to send the Romans away, leaving Tegen alone, pregnant and angry.

She has been proclaimed as the Star Dancer, but she is in no mood to help anyone.

Her only wish is to flee to Ériu (Ireland) to bring up her baby in peace.

But her destiny will not let her go.

At the beginning of Stone Keeper, Tegen is ordered to stand by the side of Boudica, the rebel queen as her battle druid.

Reluctantly, Tegen obeys, but she and Boudica loathe each other on sight.

The Iceni queen and her daughters have been cruelly abused by the Romans, leaving the queen bitter and paranoid.

She now heartlessly destroys everyone and anything that has the slightest connection with Rome.

Boudica’s ruthlessness is equally matched by Suetonius’s callousness as he subdues the British.

Despising both sides, Tegen decides to usher in the Time of Stone – a spiritual winter which she believes will allow the land she loves to heal itself so spring can return.

But Tegen’s dark magic also unleashes the very evil she is meant to turn aside – the demon of vengeance and hatred.


Trade reviews:

Tegen is impulsive and hot-tempered … dangerous in combination with magical powers.

She is brave and thoughtful and has such a huge capacity for love that you just can’t help but be drawn to her.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series –

Stone Keeper is currently out of print.