Star Dancer

Star DancerVolume 1 of The Star Dancer Quartet

Star Dancer
Volume 1 of The Star Dancer Quartet

The Star Dancer Quartet 

The Star Dancer Books are a magical historical fantasy series, set in late Iron Age Britain – just as the Romans are invading. Originally written for teenagers, the series quickly became equally appreciated by adults. The richness of this unusual and meticulously-researched series has captivated readers around the world and has earned stunning reviews.

Book 1: Star Dancer

Tegen could feel that all was not well. Something was here that she had never met before, something lonely that needed to devour …

She breathed as deeply and steadily as she could. Her free hand longed to curl around the green silk she missed so much. But it was not there. Was Huval right? Was her magic really within herself? Even if it wasn’t, surely the Goddess wouldn’t let her people suffer.

She would help, she had to.

Ducking under the low lintel, the procession turned the final corner and entered the circular funeral chamber.

As it did so, Tegen pushed her fist into her mouth to smother a scream …


It is the 43 AD and the eagle of Rome is hovering over Britain’s shores. The druids believe that a warrior-magician, born during a meteorite shower, will save the land.

Two children are born that night: Tegen, and her foster brother Griff, a ‘half-head’ with Downs Syndrome. Both are rejected.

Helped by Griff’s unconditional and unfailing love, Tegen struggles to be trained as the expected Star Dancer. Together they face dark spells, treachery and malice, as they

unlock the true magic that will save Britain.

But for Tegen, this is only the beginning.

Trade reviews:

Daily Telegraph Family Book Club Choice: A rich … shaggily textured tapestry

Carousel (editor’s Choice): An absorbing tale

Achuka: A book with genuine Buzz

Books for Keeps: A many layered and satisfying tale

John Lloyd for Waterstones: Magical intimacy … powerful historical imagery

Star Dancer is currently out of print.