Fire Dreamer

Fire DreamerVolume 2 in the Star Dancer Quartet

Fire Dreamer
Volume 2 of The Star Dancer Quartet

Book 2: Fire Dreamer


“Fire will lead you to your innermost soul and bring you out into the world again.” Tegan, the young druid in training, must learn Fire Magic to battle an unnamed and deadly evil. But she is being pursued by a Shadow Walker who will lie, cheat and even murder to bring her into his thrall… Fire Dreamer is book two of the Star Dancer Quartet.

She thought of Fire, and Fire Came.

It is 58 AD. As the Romans tighten their grip on Britain, so the tribes’ resistance increases. But lust for power knows no loyalty. A demon promises failed king Admidios untold wealth and glory in exchange for the soul of Tegen, the young ‘Star Dancer’ druid in training – Britain’s only hope. Unaware of this dark bargain, Tegen sets off to find Mona, the elusive isle of the druids, where she hopes to learn the magic that will defend her homeland.

On the way, she meets Owein, a young ovate who is not what he seems, and knows far more than he is willing to tell – even to Tegen. Owein offers to take her to a gathering of druids and war leaders.

There, he assures her, she will find a guide.

But Admidios is also there, poised with all his demonic powers. Then a murder by magic brings the British alliance tottering on the brink of disaster, and a black raven of ill-omen flies in the face of all Tegen holds dear.

Her only hope is to dare to walk through the flames of Sacred Fire.

Trade reviews:

Undercover: Rarely do sequels come as good as this.

Teen Titles: A fantastically good read.

Love Reading: Thrilling and crackling with magic.