Fleabag and the Fire Cat by Beth Webb

Published by March Hamilton Media, price £6.99

Available from 21st November 2015

‘An inspirational, dark adventure’ Waterstones.


This delightful new edition of an old classic will enchant ages 7-11 with talking cats, powerful magic, and a heroine with girl-next-door appeal.

Two years after the adventures of Fleabag & the Ring Fire, Fleabag, the three-legged rogue of a cat, is worried about his human friend Gemma. They’re all living in the lap of luxury, in a palace – but Gemma hates being Royal Fire Wielder. She’s only 13, and the endless ceremonies and studying are driving her crazy. She feels like a failure. Worse, somebody is wielding the evil Blue Magic that everyone thought had been defeated. Attacked in a fierce magical storm, Gemma loses control of the Ring Fire. The kingdom is left defenceless.

Gemma daren’t tell anyone, not even her closest friends. She longs to run away, back to ordinary life on the street. But it’s not that simple.

Gemma is lured away from her friends’ protection and sleepwalks into terrible danger. Fleabag and company must risk everything to save her – and Gemma must hold the Ring Fire to stop a power-hungry wizard from seizing control of the kingdom.


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