Fleabag & the Ring’s End

9780957662650Fleabag and the Ring’s End by Beth Webb

This delightfully illustrated new edition of an old classic will enchant ages 7-11 with talking cats, powerful magic, and a heroine with girl-next-door appeal.

He’s got three legs, millions of fleas and serious cattitude. He’s FLEABAG whose wit, wisdom and love of naps save the day – again.

The evil wizards of Porthwain issue the Great Challenge to win the crown and the Ring Fire for themselves, but Rowanne, bodyguard to Gemma Fire Wielder and King Phelan, deserts her post and flees to Porthwain. There, she becomes the most powerful wizard of all.

She says she’s doing it all for the Ring Fire, but is she? Can she be trusted?­­­­

And who is Kern, the penniless fiddle-player whose music can send even wizards to sleep? It’s for Fleabag to know and the others to find out!

But first, the friends must find the Ring’s End.

‘Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! This story has so many cat-lives, the pages shake with purring!’

Mary Clarke, Waterstones

‘Captivating…A rollicking fantasy adventure that will feed a child’s imagination.’

Never Imitate book reviews

‘Fleabag and the Ring’s End is a suitably marvellous conclusion to a magical trilogy.’

Luna’s Little Library

ISBN 978-0-9576626-5-0

Retail price £6.99

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