Helen Harvey

Helen Harvey

Helen Harvey

Helen Harvey never wanted to be a poet, suffering from the belief that poems took themselves too seriously.

She wanted to be a novelist or, failing that, a wicked witch living in a tree house crammed with cats and paperbacks who rode an ailing motorbike through the forest collecting deadly nightshade for soups.

Training for a life of hermitude, Helen read English at Oxford. In her free time she read books, and dressed up as an Anglo-Saxon cave demon.

These days her interests include: cats, carrot cake, painting (badly), sci-fi, mermaids, walking (slowly), sloths, lemurs, animated films, old cars, red pandas, board games, dancing (terribly), logic puzzles, baking, postcards, dressing up, coffee, physics, etymology, peanut butter, octopodes, aye-ayes and cats.

Helen has won several competitions for her poetry, and at school regularly came eleventh in the 100 metres.

She has been published in numerous journals and anthologies: most recently her flash fic ‘Rob meets Pterodactyl’ was included in the collection Under the Stairs (Divertir, 2011), and her poem ‘Mermaids in the Thames’ featured in Polluto.

Helen lives in the West Country, for now.

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