The Dragons of Kilve


The Dragons of Kilve


The Dragons of Kilve has become a much-loved children’s classic over the years. Its unusual format, of twelve linked but separate short stories, enables reluctant readers to develop the confidence to tackle a whole book on their own.

The warm, funny tales tackle many serious issues, such as the birth of a new baby in the family, sibling rivalry, disability, rivalry, bullying, and even death, but Webb presents these difficult realities safely wrapped in adventure and laughter.

Above all, they are simply delightful stories.


On a wild, rocky shore not far from here, five dragon eggs are cracking. Mischief, fun and adventure are about to begin, but the wise old Dragon Master is always at hand to help the wayward dragons.

The Dragons of Kilve is twelve delightful short stories for younger readers who will recognise that many of the dragons are not so different from themselves and their friends. This is a ‘comfort book’ to enable children feel they can cope with life’s worries, fears and joys.

As the stories unfold and each egg hatches, the dragons experience irritating new babies, teenage jealousy, disability, bullying and even death, but all written with a light touch and plenty of laughter.


As one reader said, ‘It’s a book to read with a warm cup of cocoa and lots of cuddles.’ Originally written for children aged 7 +, it’s also treasured by older children, and even teenagers.


Trade reviews:

‘A beautiful book, full of wisdom and very funny to read. Children will love it.’

Mrs Mad’s Book-a-Rama


‘A charming book for children … Beth Webb uses her mischievous and lively little dragons to explore some very big issues indeed.’ Just Women Magazine


Beth Webb opens a door on the heights and depths that Fantasy can offer, but with such a light touch and such a witty knowing edge … that it never seems solemn or old-fashioned.’

Philip Gross, Author