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March Hamilton was founded in Somerset in 2012, with a focus on producing high quality books that belonged in the loving hands of young people everywhere. Working with Beth Webb and Helen Harvey, March Hamilton produced a backlist designed specifically for young bibliophiles- just like those working for the company!

When Melissa took over the company in March 2018, fresh from her BA course in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes, she had a vision for this small independent. Working closely with authors to get the best deals possible, reaching out to the underrepresented both in terms of writing and working in the publishing industry to provide them with a route in, and generally striving to produce high quality stories that young people love and need were the aims she had in mind when she relaunched March Hamilton. 

Still based in the heart of the South West, March Hamilton is building relationships with local booksellers and the communities surrounding authors and readers alike. Publishing has been London-centric for most of its life, but we want to show that it doesn't have to be that way forever!

- Melissa Eveleigh, Owner and Director -

Melissa took over March Hamilton in 2018. She has a BA in Publishing Media from Oxford Brookes, as well as a variety of experience working with creatives and in the publishing industry. She wanted March Hamilton to thrive in the South West, taking on the London focus of the industry, for the sake of accessibility for authors and aspiring publishers in her community.

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