Our Worlds From Home writing competition winners!

We received over 100 entries to our 'Worlds From Home' children's writing competition and got to read some amazing pieces! You can find a list of the winners and the titles of their entries below.

Izzabella Croft-Cook: Conversation with the Coronavirus

Lydia Butters: The Star in the Darkness

Isabel Bruce: The Magical Door

Esme Bardell: The Hotel

Scarlett Dubber: A Strange Day for a Strange Family

Charlotte Gray: My House of Memories

Solomon Dean: My Evil Doppelganger

Anna Donovan: I Want To Be Free

Ellie-Mae Bromley: Eco Girl Saves The Day

Abigail Horton: Joy In My Life

Essie Croce: What Have I Done?

Eleanor Carr: The Window

Yumna Zahid: Blackout

Charlotte Mann: Poetic Love

Zainab Zahid: Class of 1986

Bethan Thomas: It's a Secret

Tamsin Williams: I Don't Believe In Dragons

Oliver O'Neill: The Choir of Nature

Olivia Brown: Save The World

Kitty Allsopp: Silent Killer

Freyja Rivett: Lonely

Elsie Mahoney: The Magic Needle

Finn Lury: Dragoneers of Wildart

Josie Hawke: A Journey Through Thoughts

Amelia Richardson: Them

Ffion Phillips: Grey Thoughts

Toby McBride: Tornado

Aaron Butters: The Awakening

Emma Blackett: Hazy Rings and Transitory Sculptures

Jamie Sercombe: Destruction of Pompeii

Grace Chumun: Inside of Me is a Dragon

Nathaniel Stewart: I Love You Nanna

Chloe Pallister: Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown

Ethan He: The Magical Door

Toby Glithro: An Oak Tree Stands by the Riverside

Amelia Johnson: The Dog Detective Agency

Harry Thornhill: Osgar and the Soul Destroyer

Stephanie Lowe: Take My Hand

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