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#MHopensub Update

We are now in the fourth week of #MHopensub. We've had some truly wonderful stories submitted to us by BAME authors, LGBTQ+ authors, and working class/low income authors which we have thoroughly enjoyed reading. This week it is the turn of disabled writers and writers with chronic illness, and we are excited to see what’s in store.

Having submission windows for diverse authors has already been so rewarding for us. We’ve been able to spend time reading submissions by writers who may not traditionally get recognition from the publishing industry, and we’ve seen wonderful stories for young people filling our inbox. Giving time and resources to diverse authors was one of the biggest aims at the heart of March Hamilton’s re-launch, and actioning that aim has already proven to be popular with authors submitting to us.

At the end of our final week-long submission window, submissions will be temporarily closed to give us a chance to read the first round of submissions. They will then re-open on the 13th of August for absolutely EVERYONE

We’ll be emailing everyone who submitted to us at the end of the break and those of you who were unsuccessful this time will be offered feedback. This was another thing that was really at the heart of our goals as a company, too many agents and publishers offer no response at all let alone feedback. This has become a worrying trend in publishing, and one that alienates authors and makes the submission process disheartening to say the least. March Hamilton has vowed to be different, and this open submission window has given us chance to act rather than saying all the right things without following through.

We look forward to reading your submissions, and working with some of you in the future!

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