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Open submissions are nearly here!

If you’ve been following us on any of our social media channels, then you’ll know that next week marks the start of our open submission period! We’re super excited, this is March Hamilton’s first ever open submissions and has been something we’ve been planning for since our takeover and relaunch.

We are looking for stories that are going to be important to young people, and help guide them through the confusing world we live in, by diverse authors who want to be a part of a new and exciting adventure. The stories can be about anything, we’re very open to seeing new and innovative ideas from authors.

We will be accepting submissions from writers with agents AND writers without representation, so don’t let this be a barrier stopping you from submitting. March Hamilton is proud to be offering specific windows for diverse authors and their writing, and we are hoping that these windows will help us focus on diverse stories.

As a company, we are looking to develop long lasting relationships with our authors and to offer fair terms that will hopefully end the days of writing and publishing being an exclusive club for only certain members of our society. We may only be a small operation, but that just means that we are motivated to make big changes and take risks where we can see space for radical improvement.

Submitting your writing to publishers, presses, magazines etc. can be really intimidating. We know that, and want to make sure that writers considering submission know that we will take a great deal of care when reading, and offering feedback on, your work. We are aiming to offer feedback on all manuscripts submitted to this, and we will confirm this at the end of submission windows. If we are unable to offer feedback, we will still be responding to each and every writer who sends us their work. Many agents and publishers do not do this, and we find this unacceptable and it is not how we want to run our business.

On a final note, we just want to say how grateful we are for all of the support we have received since our re-launch in April. We have had so much encouragement and it is heartening to see that community that surround us. We look forward to sharing updates with you on the tag #MHopensub in the days and weeks to come.

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